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Heather Holding, Business Broker Extraordinaire!

Staff | Friday Sep 28, 2018

Being kind, physically active and a matchmaker are just a few words that can be used to describe Heather Holding. Heather graduated from Wake Forest with a degree in Business Management and a specialty in Finance. Over the years she has worked in accounting departments for corporations and served as CFO for several businesses. She describes Murphy Business and the Elite Carolina Brokers team as being the perfect combination of the corporate and small business world, which was one of the reasons she decided to join the company and has been here for almost three years now.

Being a former business owner herself, Heather has been in both the buyer and seller’s shoes. She is therefore able to relate to the emotional and mental state of her clients. She excels in helping sellers exit gracefully and profitably the firms that they have grown and nurtured for years and also helping buyers create a new chapter in their lives. For this reason, Heather often thinks of herself as a matchmaker. She wants the seller to be happy with whomever is taking over and she wants the buyer to be equally happy with where the entity has been in the past and where they can take it in the future. Here at Murphy Business - Elite Carolina Brokers, we  always encourage a relationship with our clients and, as such, Heather is motivated by being able to form and maintain such relationships with her clients.

Heather manages listings of all varieties, but also has a niche in the female owned business arena...given her personal experience in that arena.  Since there are very few female business brokers in the industry, Heather looks to provide that option to women who own business and are looking to sell as well as women looking to buy business .  She is very adept at working with female entrepreneurs and executives having been one herself and some of the unique considerations that apply to that demographic of sellers and buyers.

Heather has lived a life representative of the wisdom of her late grandmother, who just one week before she passed, said “Heather, live your life, it goes by so fast.” This fuelled Heather to strive to live her best life and make each day memorable. She puts in one hundred and ten percent in both the professional and personal dimensions of her life. She enjoys kayaking, travelling and going on new adventures with her two beautiful daughters, Lauren and Rachel. After  having gastric bypass surgery four years ago and losing one hundred and ten pounds, Heather made it her duty to always be physically active and has taken part in triathlons, 5Ks and enjoys yoga three times a week. Heather believes that honesty and kindness both goes a long way in life. She recognizes that everyone has “stuff” they are going through and tries really hard to set an example of kindness to help make the world a better place. With her bright smile and business savvy approach, let Heather help make your day memorable the next time you contact Murphy Business - Elite Carolina Brokers.

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