What You Will Need To Sell Your Business

There are certain criteria that buyers have when acquiring a business. Most buyers approach the purchase with a certain level of skepticism. It is our job to reassure them with solid facts and believable information that your business is a good investment.

1.) Effective records

We assist you in preparing all required documents and relevant business listing information. We’ll guide you and support you in presenting the information in the best possible format.

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2.) Competitive price

You need to be attractively priced to entice offers. The price should not be too high or too low.

3.) Leverage

You must be receptive to seller financing. Most businesses are sold with seller financing.

4.) Equipment inventory.

You will need a complete list of all assets. Furniture, vehicles, fixtures and equipment should be in working order and acceptable to a buyer.

5.) Lease

All buyers will want a good lease. This must be pre-arranged so there are no problems as the transaction progresses.

6.) Training

You must be prepared to train the new owner and possibly some of the new staff. This is customary and almost always required.

7.) Appearance

From the moment you place your business for sale, you need to keep it neat, clean and organized. Make any necessary repairs prior to showing.

8.) Non-compete

You must be prepared to sign a non-compete covenant or contract. This provides the buyer some peace-of-mind. Many buyers fear that you will open up the same type of business and become their competition.

9.) Response

Because time is of the essence, it is crucial that you place yourself in a position to respond to an offer as quickly as possible.

10.) No surprises

Surprises will make the buyers uneasy. It is imperative that we know everything about your business. What may seem to you a trivial matter could potentially become a “deal killer” if not handled properly.